stretchy wrap

My 5 top tips for using a Stretchy Wrap

I love using stretchy wraps – especially for tiny little newborns! I have used a stretchy wrap with my own daughter during the first 5 months. I have also been recommending them to many soon-to-be parents.

Stretchy wraps fit every body-type and every baby, which makes this wrap very versatile! In my post about stretchy wraps I talk more about what a stretchy wrap is and what to look out for. I have also created a quick demonstration for tying a stretchy wrap which you can watch here. In this post however, I want to share a few tips and tricks, which will make using a stretchy wrap easier and more comfortable.

Babywearing with twins

First, I would like to say that I do not have any personal experience with wearing twins in a carrier. However, I did recently complete further babywearing training and one part of the training was about babywearing with twins. We had a mother at the training who shared with us her own journey of wearing her twins and how to successfully carry both of her babies at the same time.

I have found this very inspiring and would like to share my new knowledge in the hopes that there will be parents of twins who would love to carry their babies.

Carrier overview

When you first start looking at babywearing and the options of carriers you have, it can feel rather overwhelming! I get that. And I’m here to help you narrow down your options and give you confidence in your choice of carrier.

You may have been told about a specific carrier or even been gifted one. This is great! But you may not be quite sure if this is the right type of carrier for you. Only because a family member or friend have found one type of carrier to be great, it doesn’t mean that this will also be the perfect carrier for you and your little family. And that’s ok.

After I’ve been busy the past weeks writing in-depth articles about each type of carrier. I think it is about time I write an overview for those who just want to quickly see the difference between each type of carrier to help decide which carrier might be best for YOU.

4 tips how to best choose a carrier

These last few weeks have been crazy for my little family and me and I’m guessing that it is not much different for you! In the last three weeks we were in Spain (to visit friends), spent our last days in Germany and decided short notice to fly back to New Zealand before borders were being closed. Once back in New Zealand we went straight into self-isolation and watched New Zealand moving swiftly into lockdown within a week.

And here we are now. Lockdown for 4 weeks or possibly longer. And even though this time may seem a little tricky with a three-year-old, I think it is nothing compared to becoming a new parent. Because this is the time when you would need support from family and friends the most. Someone, who just comes around and drops off some pre-cooked dinner or someone, who answers your countless questions.

I have been wondering how I may be able to help those of you out there who are pregnant, have a newborn or a baby. Are you thinking about buying a carrier (once this is possible again), and are simply overwhelmed by the number of different carriers that are on the market? You are not the only one!

Usually, my first reaction would be to advise you to find a local babywearing group or library or a babywearing consultant where you can try different types of carriers, before you buy one. But right now, this isn’t possible. And in fact, for lots of parents who live rurally this will never really be an option. Therefore, I have written down a few tips that may hopefully help you in finding a great carrier.

5 helpful tips I give at workshops

Shortly after I started volunteering for my local babywearing library, I also started to hold babywearing talks (mini workshops) at different mums and bubs groups in the region. I love sharing my passion with other new – and not so new – mums, but I’m also aware that lots of mums have been thrown into this whole babywearing thing without or with only very little information.

Besides talking about different styles of carriers and safety guidelines that should be followed, I love to share some tips that I have discovered or learned. Often it is those little tips that are remembered and give new confidence to the mums on their babywearing journey.

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps usually get mentioned first when you ask people which carrier they can recommend as one to start with when your baby is little. But why? What makes them so special for newborns and young babies? And why are there also lots of people who stay very clear of them?

I will be answering all those questions and more in this in-depth post about stretchy wraps.

I am one of those mums who started their babywearing journey with a stretchy wrap. I was lucky enough to be shown how to use one during my antenatal class and I loved the ease and the feel of it for the first 5 months of my daughters’ life!