Babywearing with twins

First, I would like to say that I do not have any personal experience with wearing twins in a carrier. However, I did recently complete further babywearing training and one part of the training was about babywearing with twins. We had a mother at the training who shared with us her own journey of wearing her twins and how to successfully carry both of her babies at the same time.

I have found this very inspiring and would like to share my new knowledge in the hopes that there will be parents of twins who would love to carry their babies.

Which carriers can you use?

There are three carriers that are best if you would like to carry your newborn (or infant) twins at the same time:

Once your twins are a bit older, one of them can be carried on the back and one on the front, which will give you more space on the front. Lots of different carrier combinations can be used and ultimately it will come down to which carriers you find best in combination. Here are some examples:

  • Ring sling on the front & meh dai on the back
  • Woven wrap on the front & back
  • Soft structured carrier on the front & woven wrap on the back
  • Stretchy wrap on the front & meh dai on the back

How can you carry your twins?

When carrying your newborn twins in a woven wrap you can use a Front Wrap Cross Carry which can be slightly altered to fit both babies on your front. This is a good tutorial from Little But Once (she is not a professional and could have made a deeper seat for the babies).

Once your babies are a little older you can use two ring slings to carry your twins on both hips or you can try Amanda’s hip carry with a woven wrap. Again, Little But Once has a quick tutorial for this carry (she is not a professional and the wrap could have been spread better from knee to knee).

And as mentioned above, once your twins are a little older, one of them can be carried on your back and the other one on your front.

Is babywearing with twins right for you?

Carrying two children at the same time, let alone twins, is not easy! And it certainly isn’t for everyone. However, if you have an older child or regularly need to go somewhere where you can’t take a twin pram, you may want to consider learning this skill. The videos above from Little But Once show nicely, that you don’t need to have any previous babywearing or wrapping skills.

If you do enjoy carrying your children, but simply can’t manage to carry both at the same time (perhaps because of health reasons), there is always the option of carrying one of your children, while having the other one in a pram. Or let your partner carry one of the twins, while you carry the other one.

Some tips and tricks:

  • When carrying both children at the same time, place the heavier twin in the carrier first and make sure s/he is comfortable and settled, before placing the lighter twin in the carrier as well.
  • When carrying one child on the front and one on the back, carry the heavier twin on your back (unless this is not possible due to health reasons).
  • Try out different types of carriers and see what works for you and your babies. Also, adjust your carriers and how you carry your babies as they grow and get heavier.
  • Get comfortable carrying one child at a time first, before trying to carry both at the same time.
  • When starting to carry both babies at the same time, begin with short distances to get your body used to the weight.
  • Get help from a babywearing consultant! They will have demo dolls available for you to practise with and make sure that you are comfortable wearing your twins.

Let me know…

Have you got twins or know someone who does? Have you carried them (either one or both)? Which carrier do/did you use?

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