My 5 top tips for using a Stretchy Wrap

I love using stretchy wraps – especially for tiny little newborns! I have used a stretchy wrap with my own daughter during the first 5 months. I have also been recommending them to many soon-to-be parents.

Stretchy wraps fit every body-type and every baby, which makes this wrap very versatile! In my post about stretchy wraps I talk more about what a stretchy wrap is and what to look out for. I have also created a quick demonstration for tying a stretchy wrap which you can watch here. In this post however, I want to share a few tips and tricks, which will make using a stretchy wrap easier and more comfortable.

1.     Practise while you are still pregnant

Stretchy wraps can often be daunting with all the material and often parents put this great wrap in the “too hard” basket. However, if you are doing research about carriers while you are still pregnant, then have a go with a stretchy wrap.

Practising while still pregnant means that you have more time and energy and will more likely learn faster. You can contact a local Babywearing consultant (you can book a support session with me here) or find your local Babywearing group. With a consultant or at a group you can practise with a weighted demo doll to get a feeling of the wrap. Or at home you can simply practise with a teddy bear or doll.

2.     Spread all layers

I often see that the three layers of the stretchy wrap are not completely spread, which can lead to a safety issue, but will also make it more uncomfortable for you and baby. Instead of rushing to get your baby into your stretchy wrap, remember to slow down and spread the diagonal fabric from knee to knee, over the back up to the nape. The third top layer should be under your baby’s bum (not over the feet though) and then spread in one smooth layer over your baby’s back right up to its earlobes. Also ensure that the fabric on your own back is spread nicely to help distribute the weight more evenly.

3.     Create neck support

Some babies like their head to be tucked into one of the diagonal passes, not all babies do though. Another way to support your baby’s head is to create a neck support. You can do this by taking a muslin wrap or wash cloth and tuck this into the fabric at the neck of your baby.

4.     Pre-tie your wrap

There is nothing worse than the ends of your wrap hanging in the dirt because you need to tie your wrap in the car park, before heading into the supermarket. To avoid this, simply pre-tie your wrap at home in your own time and wear the wrap as an extra layer of clothing. Your baby can then be put in and out of the wrap as needed.

5.     Keep on using your wrap beyond 5 months

Do you like the feeling of your stretchy wrap, but notice how pre-tying the wrap isn’t supporting your baby anymore? Stretchy wraps can be used well past the first 5 months. In fact, most stretchy wraps can be used for babies up to 15 kg. To get more use out of your stretchy wrap, you can learn different wrapping techniques that will be supportive for longer.

What about you?

Are you using a stretchy wrap with your baby? Which tips have you found helpful?

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