5 areas when babywearing on holiday comes in handy

When I get asked if it is worth it to take a carrier with you on vacation I always answer with a big YES.

For me, a carrier makes life so much easier and when going on vacation I find it even more useful. My daughter is three years now and so far, I have always taken at least one carrier with me when we’ve gone on vacation. As a baby it was one of the best tools to keep her close in a new environment as well as settling her to sleep more easily. But even as a toddler and now a three-year-old I wouldn’t have wanted to be without a carrier on vacation.

Last year we flew from New Zealand to Canada and I was so glad that I had a carrier in my hand luggage. We had to make our way through Vancouver airport with a very tired little girl who luckily fell asleep right away as soon as she could make herself comfortable in our carrier.