6 reasons why you should learn how to wear your baby before it is born

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend who was pregnant. She told me that they were given a carrier by friends, but she didn’t know anything about the carrier. I suggested that I could teach her and her partner how to use the carrier in a safe way and they were very happy that I did.

Afterwards my friend told me that she gained so much confidence in using the carrier. She is planning to start using the carrier right after birth and now felt comfortable to do so.

I also had a positive experience being taught how to use a stretchy wrap during my antenatal class. I’m still grateful to our amazing antenatal teacher for giving me and my partner the tool of babywearing confidently!

If you are still not entirely convinced, I have put together a few more reasons:

Babywearing and tummy time

I did a lot of reading when I was pregnant and during those first few months of my daughter’s life. About different parenting styles, how to support my child’s development, and about tummy time. I’m guessing that most of you have heard that tummy time is very much encouraged for babies.

But here is the thing: most babies under 4 months don’t actually like to be on their tummies. And who can blame them? It is hard work for their muscles to hold their head up.

So, why is there this recommendation for tummy time? And could babywearing be an alternative?

Let’s dive in and find answers to those questions!