6 reasons why you should learn how to wear your baby before it is born

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend who was pregnant. She told me that they were given a carrier by friends, but she didn’t know anything about the carrier. I suggested that I could teach her and her partner how to use the carrier in a safe way and they were very happy that I did.

Afterwards my friend told me that she gained so much confidence in using the carrier. She is planning to start using the carrier right after birth and now felt comfortable to do so.

I also had a positive experience being taught how to use a stretchy wrap during my antenatal class. I’m still grateful to our amazing antenatal teacher for giving me and my partner the tool of babywearing confidently!

If you are still not entirely convinced, I have put together a few more reasons:

1. You and your partner will have more time to learn

Even though you might still be busy with work, it will be nothing compared how busy you will be with a newborn baby. Learning how to use a carrier will be a lot easier to fit into a fixed work schedule than it is to fit into a non-fixed baby schedule.

2. You won’t be as tired

I know most women don’t sleep well during the last weeks of pregnancy and do feel pretty tired already. But again, you will sleep even less once you’ve got a newborn baby in the house. Learning a new skill like babywearing will be easier with more sleep and a better functioning brain.

3. You and your partner can practise with a weighted demo doll

Being able to practise with a weighted demo doll was one of the reasons my friend was so glad about the consultation she had with me. It gave her a much better idea what she can expect with her newborn baby. But even if you can’t book a consultation with a babywearing consultant you can practise with a doll or teddy bear.

4. You and your partner will have time to practise

Once you have been taught how to use a carrier, you will now still have time to practise as much as you like before your baby arrives. This will give you lots of confidence!

5. You and your partner will be more confident once your baby arrives

If you are confident in how to use your carrier, it will be so much easier when you use the carrier for the first time with your newborn baby. Your baby will feel your confidence and will settle more easily in the carrier!

6. You will have time to choose a suitable carrier

And finally, you will have more time to choose a suitable carrier if you haven’t got one yet. You will be able to try different carriers without the stress of a crying baby. And you might even have enough time to look for a second-hand carrier instead of buying a new one.

Let me know…

Did you learn how to babywear before your baby arrived? Would you recommend it?

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