Benefits for getting help when you got a new carrier

When you get a new carrier – or a used one, but new to you carrier – it can take a little while to get comfortable with this carrier. Maybe you haven’t used this style of carrier before or maybe this buckle carrier is different to the one you have used before or maybe you haven’t used any carrier at all before this one. No matter what your situation is, it can often be helpful to get some help. This could be a professional babywearing consultant, volunteers at your local babywearing library meeting or a friend who knows this type of carrier well.

These are some of the benefits for getting help with your new – or not so new – carrier:

Babywearing with twins

First, I would like to say that I do not have any personal experience with wearing twins in a carrier. However, I did recently complete further babywearing training and one part of the training was about babywearing with twins. We had a mother at the training who shared with us her own journey of wearing her twins and how to successfully carry both of her babies at the same time.

I have found this very inspiring and would like to share my new knowledge in the hopes that there will be parents of twins who would love to carry their babies.

Babywearing during the fourth trimester

I believe that soon to be mums and dads should be made aware of babywearing well before their baby is due to arrive. In my opinion the topic of babywearing should be part of any antenatal course.

I was lucky enough that the antenatal course I chose to attend introduced me to babywearing. During the course me and my husband where shown how to use a stretchy wrap and we were able to practise. After this session I knew that I would be getting a stretchy wrap for my unborn baby and I felt confident enough to use it.

But why should you learn about babywearing before you have your baby?

5 benefits of babywearing

I LOVE babywearing! This is a pretty strong statement. But it is true. I fell in love with babywearing even before my girl was born. I was shown how to use a stretchy wrap at my antenatal class. It was so soft and comfortable! I knew right away that I wanted to use it to carry my tiny baby. And the rest is history…

You are probably thinking: Well, great for her! She is writing a blog about babywearing. It would be weird if she didn’t like what she is talking about.

But here is the thing. Even though I love to carry my girl and I still do so occasionally (even though she now weighs more than 15kg) my babywearing days are nearly over (for now anyway). I still love babywearing. I love to see another mum or dad carrying their child when I’m out on a walk. I love to see pictures of my friends who wear their child, so they have their hands free for their other children. I love to hear from other parents how much babywearing is helping them. And I love to help YOU along your babywearing journey!

5 benefits of wearing a toddler or young child

I’ve been wearing my daughter since she was only a few weeks old and I just couldn’t imagine not wearing her anymore. But then she learned how to walk, and she got more and more confident and stronger too. And suddenly, she didn’t want to be carried anymore. For a long time, I thought that our babywearing days were well and truly over. However, something shifted again, and now walking is not so important anymore.

I certainly don’t wear her as often and as long as I used to when she was a baby, but there are still lots of opportunities for me to wear my little girl now that she is 3 ½ years old. And I can see quite a few benefits in doing so.