My 5 top tips for a woven wrap

Woven wraps are the most versatile carrier there is and can be used from newborn up until toddler. It doesn’t matter what body type your baby or you are, a woven wrap will always fit. They fit around your baby nice and snug and you can use them for any kind of carry (front, back, side).

However, most parents I meet shy away from woven wraps and quickly put them in the too hard basket. Even parents who have used a stretchy wrap during the first months – and therefore have mastered wrapping techniques -, often want to continue with a soft structured carrier. Assuming, that a soft structured carrier will give better support.

Hopefully, my tips will help to take away some fears you may have and encourage you to have a go at wrapping your baby!

1.     Find your personal base size

Before trying or even buying a woven wrap for the first time, it is a good idea to find out what your personal base size is. The personal base size is the right size for you when you do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (as shown in photo) with the wrap and it is just the right length for that. You don’t want to run out of fabric, so you can’t tie a knot and you also don’t want to end up with too much fabric left over. To find out more about your personal base size have a look here.

2.     Start with one basic carry

When it comes to learning a new skill, it is best to start small. Learning how to wrap with a woven wrap is no different. I recommend starting to learn how to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and once you’ve got the hang of this carry you can try different ways how to wrap. The Front Wrap Cross Carry is similar to how you pre-tie a stretchy wrap and therefore often the easiest to learn.

3.     Learn how to tighten properly

The most important skill you will need to learn when wrapping with a woven wrap, is how to properly tighten the wrap. This is done by tightening each strand of the fabric individually and if necessary, repeatedly until the fabric is tight and secure around your baby. Remember, that the fabric should support your baby from knee to knee and over the back up to the earlobes.

4.     Practice, practice, practice

Please, don’t give up if your first try wrapping with a woven wrap goes horribly wrong! This is a skill that needs to be learned. It is best to practice with a stuffed animal (or if available a babywearing demo doll) a good number of times until you feel confident to try with your own baby. When wrapping your baby, make sure she is happy and contend at the time and always take your time instead of rushing through the motions.

5.     Ask for help

If you want to learn how to wrap with a woven wrap, but are unsure, then please get some help at your local babywearing group or contact a consultant, who can teach you how to safely wrap your baby. If you are local to Nelson, then please get in touch with me through my contact form or simply book a private support session in the comfort of your own home.

Let me know…

Have you tried a woven wrap yet? Did you like it or not so much?

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