How can you carry your baby? – Part 1: Front Carry

It seems like the answer to this question should be straight forward. There are only so many ways how you can carry your baby: front carry, hip carry and back carry. Those are the three basic carrying positions. But who is each carrying position best for and which carrier can you use?

This post is the first part of a three-part-series about carrying positions. Each post will give you an overview of the featured carrying position and some tips and tricks.

In this first part it is all about the front carry. I have loved carrying my girl on the front and my husband even more so. I eventually moved her to my hip, so she could see better. And then on to my back, which was easier on my own back and gave me the space on my front to do things. My husband however, kept on carrying our girl on his front though even when she was a toddler as he loved the connection that he could have with her.

Who can you carry?

Front carries are perfect for a newborn and baby. Because it means that your baby is right there where you can see, hear and smell it. Front carries are also good for older babies and can even be used for toddlers. However, the older and heavier your child gets, the more uncomfortable a front carry will become. Carrying a heavy child on your front will be hard on your back.

Which carrier can you use?

Almost all carriers are good to use for carrying your child on the front. Stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais, and soft structured carriers (buckle carriers). The only carrier which is not ideal for front carries is the onbuhimo. However, even the onbuhimo can be used for front carries if need be as you can see in my post about travelling.

How can you wrap on the front?

Stretchy wraps and woven wraps are both great for front carries. While a stretchy wrap usually gets pre-tied a woven wrap ties around your baby.

The most common front carry with a stretchy wrap is the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) which can be pre-tied. Here you can find a great tutorial from Wrap you in Love.

For a woven wrap, the most common front carry is the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). Wrap you in Love also has a great tutorial for this carry here.

Tips and Tricks for front carrying

  • Cross your shoulder straps if possible, to distribute the weight of your baby more evenly.
  • Spread the fabric over your back if using a wrap, ring sling, or meh dai to distribute the weight of your baby more evenly.
  • Move the point where your straps cross further down your back.
  • When using the chest clip, ensure that it is in the centre of your back to get better weight distribution.
  • Wear your waistband at belly button height or even higher for small babies, so that the head of your baby rests on the bony part of your chest.
  • Use the hood of the carrier for extra head support for your sleeping baby.

Let me know…

Do you also like to carry your baby on the front? Which carrier did you prefer for this position?

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