Babywearing in cold weather

Winter has arrived in New Zealand and I thought it is about time that I should talk about babywearing in cold weather. Luckily, where I live in New Zealand (Nelson) it doesn’t really get that cold. We never have snow – much to the dismay of my daughter – and there is usually only about one or two months when the temperature drops below 0 Degrees Celsius during the night.

My little girl was born in Winter and therefore I started my babywearing journey in Winter. My first carrier was a stretchy wrap which I felt was great for the colder months as it gave us an extra layer of warm fabric.

Here are a few points to look out for when babywearing in cold weather:

Layers, layers, layers

When babywearing in cold weather it is best to layer your baby’s clothes as well as your own clothes. Dress your baby in some thin, but warm clothes. Natural fibres such as wool are best. The carrier will provide an extra layer. However, you may want to add extra layers to little feet, hands, and the head.

For yourself, start with only a thin layer under the carrier. Then add a large cardigan or something similar that can wrap around you and your baby. Specific babywearing jackets (those have extra pockets to fit your baby in the carrier) are great for very cold climates. But often an oversized jacket will be sufficient to keep you and your baby warm.

Keep airways clear

Because of the many layers of clothing, it is particularly important to stay vigilant about keeping your baby’s airways clear. Avoid wearing shawls, scarfs, or sweaters with excess fabric around the neck. Even though you will be wearing multiple layers of clothes you still want to be able to see your baby’s face easily.

Be mindful of your footwear

Shoes are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about babywearing. But wearing sturdy shoes that help you avoid slipping and falling are even more important in cold weather. Babywearing does pose a fall risk, which can be minimized by wearing appropriate footwear and being mindful where you walk.

Do you like to wear your baby when it is cold outside?

Let me know in the comments which carrier you like to use in Winter.

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